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The Cultural Committee

    is a cross functional team tasked to discuss, plan, and                proactively drive all matters pertaining to Nation of Tziyon            culture. The Cultural Committee is designed to connect members          across different committees.

The Economic Committee

    develops and implements strategic financial endeavors between          businesses and independent contractors within the Nation of            Tziyon in order to ensure economic security. 

The Educational Committee

    is responsible for devising original educational methods and            procedures which will liberate and elevate the minds of our            children.

The Political Committee

    debates the relevant issues and concerns of our constituents in        order to improve communication and cooperation within our diverse

    community with the objective of establishing a unified political


The Publications Committee

    creates original content for print and electronic media that            reflects the beauty and the brilliance of our diverse culture.

The Self-Defense Committee

    oversees the operations of the Nation of Tziyon Security Guard          Corporation.

The Social Committee

    plans and hosts events designed to promote unity within our            community.

The Youth Committee

    coordinates activities for Nation of Tziyon membership 17 years of      age and younger. 


Staff committees: Finance, Fund-raising, Legal, Membership

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